Game Hosting

All of our Hosting Equipment is perfected to achieve it's best performance and latency, with each node powered by the latest Intel technology and high-speed ports; quality gaming awaits you.

Starting at $5.00 a Month

Our Unturned services are very cheap compared to any other game hosting company, the services are running on high quality SSD hosting, so you can kill them pesky zombies and bandits without lag.

Starting at $5.00 a Month

The only aim in Rust is to survive. Our aim is keeping our clients services running 24/7. While you build a fire, shelter or while you’re in a 1v1 against another player our service’s won’t fail to impress.

Starting at $5.00 a Month

Our servers are connected to our world class network and hosted at the state of the art Equinix Data Centre in Sydney, Australia.

Multi-layered DDOS protection

We take server security and reliability very seriously, and we know first hand how much trouble DDOS attacks can be, it isn't a questions of if your server will be hit with an attack but rather when will your server be hit by a network based DDOS attack, Thanks to our new multi-layered NSFocus DDOS protection, you can rest assure that your server is safe and secure against DDOS attacks.

Our Features

(D)DoS Protected

All attacks are filtered completely before they hit our network! This completely eliminates the "detection period" where servers traditionally are impacted by standard DDoS protection.

Top Datacenter

We use Equinix Data Centre in Sydney. Our Services are located in Equinix SY3 and Equinix SY4. Both Data Centre's are connected via dual 40Gbit fiber links to give us redundancy and low latency.

Enterprise Network

We take performance seriously. Our infrastructure from the network to the software is fully optimized to give your visitors only the absolute best in speed.

High Tier Hardware

Each of our dedicated servers features only the latest enterprise-grade components. Each server must pass a series of stress tests prior to provisioning, ensuring servers constantly operate at peak performance.

Our Clients