How To Setup Rocket Permissions

Requirements: You must have rocket installed, you can install this through the 'Mod Manager' or manually!

Step 1. Go to your permissions file using the 'File Manager' or an 'FTP' connection. (This should be located in '\Servers\server\Rocket\Permissions.config.xml')

Step 2. Edit the permissions file using the text editor on the panel or you can download the file and edit it using your own text editing software.

Step 3. You should now see the default configuration for the permissions file (Unless you have changed it previously or used a pre-made permissions file).

Step 4. Add a new line under the <Permission> tag in a group and specify a permission within. E.g '<Permission Cooldown="0">(Permission name here)</Permission>

Step 5. Edit the cooldown for that permission to whatever you like (Timing is in seconds).

Step 6. Once you have added all the permissions you like to your specified group(s), you can save the configuration and either restart the server or type /p reload in-game.

Tip: You can find permissions for the plugins that you're using at the plugin's page for the plugin(s) that you're using. 

This is a list of all of the permissions available in core Rocket. This does not include any commands added by plugins.

(If you would like to know what these permissions can do please check out our other article on rocket commands!)

Admin-like Permissions

  • exec┬á
  • admin┬á
  • unadmin┬á
  • god┬á
  • vanish┬á
  • heal┬á
  • i┬á
  • item┬á
  • v┬á
  • tp┬á
  • tphere┬á
  • broadcast┬á
  • exit┬á
  • help

Feature(s) Permissions

  • compass
  • effect┬á
  • home

Informative Permissions

  • p┬á
  • p.reload
  • p.add
  • p.remove
  • rocket
  • rocket.plugins
  • rocket.reload
  • rocket.reloadplugin
  • rocket.unloadplugin
  • rocket.loadplugin
  • investigate
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