Changing the gamemode.

FadedServers Hosting comes with pre-installed gamemodes like DarkRP and Prophunt & TTT. These are trusted gamemodes that we know work correctly with our hosting.


Any other gamemodes are installed at risk.


Follow these steps to install any gamemode of your choice.

   1. Login to your Game Panel with the username & password you received via email.

   2. Click on the large button that's labelled "Mod Manager".

   3. Under the gamemodes section you will see a selection of gamemodes you can install, choose a gamemode and then click the install button to install it.

   4. Go back to the main page of TCADMIN Panel and select "Commandline Manager".

   5. Select the "Custom Commandlines" tab at the top and create a new commandline; fill in the information that it offers.

   6. Save and restart your server to apply changes.

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