Workshop Content & Installations

New Garry's Mod servers have the option to download content from the workshop onto your server.
This guide will simplify how addons are managed as they can be installed right from a Workshop Collection that you've created.


You will need to add a few things into your command line like the Workshop Collection ID which you can find from the collection you created with the addons in it, and the Steam AuthID found on the steam website here:

  1. First of all, create a collection. Do note that your collection needs to be public, else, srcds won't be able to access it!
  2. In the command line manager, add your collection ID (This can normally be found in the page URL when on your workshop collection)
  3. Add your steam API key to the command line manager.

Every time you restart your server it will check that these addons are all up to date.
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